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In 1992, MAGIRUS started as an operating trading organization serving customers predominantly in South East Asian Region – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc.

From the very beginning, the company has been engaged in the supply of heavy, construction, transport, and marine spares from original equipment manufacturers in Japan, Germany and Europe. Our long-standing connections to industrial/marine consumers all over the world and our constant dialogue with international manufacturers has make MAGIRUS a competent and indeed an ideal partner.

In 2001, we obtained an agency contract from our principal Simplex Turbulo Company Ltd , a well known- reputable supplier and stockist of the Marine and Diesel Engines spares in the United Kingdom to sell their products in the Far East Region. They are a major player in the Marine / Industrial Diesel Engine Spares & Services. With our cooperation, we have expanded their business beyond their scope of network which is mainly in the European Region . Since then, our cooperation has been very successful.

As the Southeast Asian economy grows , the company expanded the business in many areas.

We expanded to Timor Leste in 2005 a new independent country, we have supplied various distributor components like cables, relays, prepaid meters, generators sets, electrical fixtures, spare parts, cubicles (Schneider), transformers (B&D) etc. We have been developing over the years and have good working relationship with EDTL (Electricidade De Timor-Leste). With such sensible approach and working hand in hand together has been essential to our business and our commitment.

In 2010, we convert the company to private limited company to optimize our resources. We are still expanding and this year we are embarking on the new business as renewable energy otherwise known as green energy. As we have established long relationship with the power stations and the local government, we expect a very fruitful venture in this aspect.

While the operating climate remains tough, we are continuing to expand and in 2012, we have been granted a distributor agreement from Itron of Indonesia to Timor Leste to handle their products and equipments such as Prepayment electricity meters, Phase Meters, Smart Panels, Transformers etc. This latest distribution agreement will allow us to further increase our profile and our turnover in the year ahead.

The company has a vast experience of supplying PT PLN in Indonesia for over more than 15 years. We have supply various spare parts for operation and maintenance contracts and also distribution components.

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